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Mining for the Future

Hedger Tech is a leading FinTech company building a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Asset Management Ecosystem by offering complete Crypto Asset Management solutions like Hedge Fund, Smart Insurance (Insurance for Cryptocurrencies ), Smart Loans (Short Term Loans against Cryptocurrencies) and Hedge Instruments like Futures & Options in cryptocurrency market.

Hedger Tech is offering a new Digital Token "Hedger". Hedger will be used as a utility token for P2P transactions by using Ethereum Blockchain Technology. Hedger will allow investors to use Hedger Tech products & services as a mode of payment. Hedger Tech's Pre ICO is started on June 30, 2018 and intends to raise $25M for Soft Cap and $50M for the Hard Cap from Hedger Token crowdsale.

Hedger Tech will be an essential Risk Management partner for Cryptocurrencies depositors. Hedger Tech's products & services will allow depositors to minimize their Volatility Risk, Currency Risk, Economic Risk, Political Risks and Market Risks associated with cryptocurrencies assets.

Therefore, The Hedger Project is a Decentralized Hedge-Fund Ecosystem that is made to hedge and diversifies cryptocurrency assets and portfolios in the crypto economies by collaborating Industry Experts in Finance, Hedge Funds, Banking, Blockchain Technology, Big Data, Data Science, Analytics, Data Servers & Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Legal, Entrepreneurship and top performing Hedge Funds around the world.