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  • HDR/BTC: 0.000000
  • HDR/USD: 0.00
  • BTC/USD: 10,573.46
  • ETH/USD: 225.91
  • LTC/USD: 99.01
  • ZEC/USD: 76.62

F2 Pool

F2 Pool, also known as Discus Fish is a Chinese mining pool that allows users to mine Crypto Currencies. Sold Out!

BTC.TOP Pool is a private pool and cannot be joined. It mines about 7% of all blocks. Sold Out!

Hedger Mining

Hedger Fund Mining

Join our accredited mining program under our portfolio of insured Mining Pools. You will be able to join the world's profitable cloud mining programs by depositing through Hedger Mining with its respective Insurance Parameters.

Contact us via Live Chat that is available 24/7 or email at and request a phone for one of our agents to explain the process.

In accordance with SEC rules and regulations, all Hedger Mining Packages and Commission Levels are for Members who have agreed with the Terms and Conditions of the Company upon Sign-up. We at Hedger Mining, aim to be compliant in all jurisdictions, to protect our company and all our clients for the sustainability of the firm. Further, Hedger.Tech, Hedger Mining and all its affiliates, do not guarantee nor commit the potential earnings that are found below. These are calculated potential returns based on the insured Mining Pools under the portfolio of Hedger Mining. In cases where management deems these potential earnings are not sustainable, it is in its full discretion to taper the potential earnings found below. It is our responsibility to inform all our clients of any changes in the Hedger Mining Packages.